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Alexander Momot

Alexander Momot

(2.06.1953 - 16.05.1996)


Alexander Momot was born on the 2nd of June 1953 in Reshetilovka village. In 1970 he finished school ¹17 in Donetsk with the golden medal, in 1975 he graduated from Donetsk Polytechnical University by occupation of “Automated computer systems”, specialization “systems engineering”.

Alexander Momot started his career in Donetsk State University as a chief of computer laboratory. From 1977 he worked in Donetsk integrated department AÑS NPO "Gorsystemoteknika". From 1981 he held the position of chief engineer of the main information-computer center of Donetsk regional executive committee. He used his accumulated knowledge and experience for his doctoral dissertation “Informational basis of dispatching by regional target complex”, which he defended in 1984. For this thesis he was honored with "Winner of Lenin Komsomol of Ukraine Prize”. In December 1989 Alexander Momot was given academic rank of an associate professor, soon afterwards he became the academic of Economic Sciences Academy of Ukraine and the corresponding member of Informatics Academy of Ukraine. Alexander Momot is the author of more than 50 printed works, which have great scientific and practical value.

Mr.Momot’s experience and results, having gained during collaboration with Donetsk administrative institutions, were used for organization of administrative processes in Executive Committees in Tomsk, Moscow, Kiev, Leningrad, Budapest, Plovdiv, in the cities of Donetsk region (Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Makeyevka, Gorlovka, Mariupol).  

In 1986-1987 Mr. Momot was appointed as a Head of Automated Control Systems department at the Main Information Center of Donetsk Executive Committee. He repeatedly acted as a Chairman of the State Examination Commission in Donetsk Polytechnic Institute. He lectured a special course of regional administration to the students of  Donetsk State University and Donetsk Soviet Trade University. He acted as a consultant during the foundation of regional ACS in Kharkov and Transcarpathia regions, as well as in Baku and Tbilisi. He was a member of ACS Chief Constructors Council of large cities and the capitals of Soviet Union Republics and the states-members of COMECON.

Mr.Momot was a member of the editorial board of republic magazine "Information and new technologies", member of promotion council of CCI herald “Mercury”, the initiator and the editor of newspapers “Business and law”, “ALL”, “Blue light”. 

In 1988  Mr. Momot founded JV "Intercomputer" – one of the first joint ventures in USSR. In 1994 he founded and headed Science-commercial society DANKO Donetsk Incorporated, the main activity of which became the participation in economy reformation and encouragement of Ukraine market development. In a year’s time JSC DANKO acquired recognized authority among industrial enterprises of Donetsk region as well as acquired an important scientific and commercial basis in preparation and realization of investment projects.

Alexander Momot tragically died at the hand of a murderer on the 16th of May 1996. People remembered him as an outstanding specialist, high-level professional, intelligent, social and good-hearted and family man.