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Шахматный клуб

The A.V.Momot Chess Club was established on Oct. 29, 1999, in Kramatorsk, a city in Donetsk region, Ukraine.

As a result of selection work, talented chess players from all over Ukraine are attracted to Kramatorsk: Ruslan Ponomariov, Natalia Zdebskaja from Gorlovka, Kateryna Lagno from Lvov, Sergey Karjakin from Simferopol, Zahar Efimenko from Uzhgorod, Alexander Areshchenko from Lugansk, and Anton Korobov and Anna Ushenina from Kharkov.

A very strong coaching staff was formed, including top-notch experts from Ukraine and the colleagues from various post-Soviet republics: "Merited Coaches of Ukraine" Sergey Kovaliov and Alexander Alexikov, Gennadi Kuzmin, Merited Coach of the USSR and Georgia; international grand masters Aleksander Shneider, Andrei Zontakh, Michail Brodsky, Vladislav Borovikov, Yuri Kruppa, Vladimir Savon, to mention a few.

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The director of club - Oleksandr Martynkov